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Faculty of Agriculture-History


The Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1983 admitting 80 undergraduate students in the fields of Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering and Animal Sciences. The Supreme Council of Higher Education issued the license of admission of students for undergraduate studies in 1985 for the fields of Water Engineering and Agronomy and in 1989 for Agricultural Economics. The College of Agriculture was transferred to the city of Jiroft, 230 kilometers south of Kerman, Iran, while the Faculty of Agriculture expanded its educational and research activities in 1991 building a new building, and employing professional academic staff. The faculty currently comprises of 10 departments offering the degrees of Bachelor of Science (9 academic programs), Master of Science (12 academic programs) and Doctor of Philosophy (9 academic programs). Currently, the Faculty has approximately 80 permanent faculty members and more than 2700 students pursuing their academic careers in different fields and degrees.



Affiliated Units:

Institute of Horticulture, Office of Public Affairs, Deputy of Education, Labs, Research and Training Farm, Livestock Research Centers, Agricultural Machinery Workshop.

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